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Don’t believe what people are saying. In fact, in some ways, SEO has gotten EASIER to accomplish. Google has done away with much of the “black-hat” SEO competition. So how do you win at the Google game today?

Simple. Just give Google what it wants!

Sites that are giving Google what it wants are ranking better than ever! It’s a fact!

Here’s what IS dead…

Gray hat/Black hat link schemes, link-spamming, keyword-stuffing, fake PR pages, and other SEO tricks that used to get sites ranked are now the KISS OF DEATH!

Sure, it was fun while it lasted. But it was just a matter of time before Google caught on to all the tricks. And did it ever, with a vengeance! Leaving hundreds of thousands of previously high-ranking sites in the dreaded Google “sandbox”.

When it comes to SEO, you need to be SMART!

Whether we like it or not, Google is in charge. They have made it very clear as to what they wants from sites in order to gain ranking. Among them are organically-growing backlinks that are NATURAL and 100% White-hat. No tricks or BS allowed!

They also have to be structured in a way, where they don’t leave a tell-tale “footprint” or look spammy!

Unfortunately, too many newbie site owners lately have been utilizing the old, worn-out “cookie-cutter” approach to their back-linking activities. These old tactics Simply. Do Not. Work. Anymore.

It’s indeed sickening that there are still far too many rip-off “SEO providers” that exploit newbie site owners. How? By offering cheap packages, that sucker site owners big time. They buy into the myth that they can achieve superiority on Google using antiquated methods. Just for a few bucks.

Here’s the painful truth…

Ranking a site is no cakewalk anymore. A trick that works today, or even next week, WILL ultimately get your site nuked. Google is on the WARPATH against SEO tricks! Take one misstep, and you risk your business.

If you’ve been around this forum, you’ve probably read the horror stories. There are countless tales of formerly top-ranked sites getting killed by Google. Sites that in their heyday were generating tens of THOUSANDS of dollars a month, are now literally INVISIBLE on Google.

The ones that can even rank at all, are lucky to get past page 50 of Google’s results now.

Google is constantly updating their algorithms, and will continue to do so. Try to cheat Google with some dinky “link pyramid” or “link wheel” scheme, and watch your site BURN in Google’s eternal hell!

Don’t mess around with your site!

As I said before, there are MANY SEO companies still doing the OLD methods that don’t work anymore. They put paying clients’ sites in grave danger of incurring Google’s wrath, and simply don’t care!

Why? Simply put, there are too many uninformed site owners coming online everyday. Too many who will fall for lofty promises, and cheap rates. For these supposed SEO “professionals”, it has become a game of “churn and burn”. To them, it’s a numbers game.

Make the Right Choice!

Hi, I’m Matt of SEO Hoist!

As you can tell by my other quality WSO, we KNOW SEO.

Our testimonials, reviews, and our results speak for themselves. We have serviced hundreds of sites over the past two-plus years, with SOLID results. Our clients have withstood every single algorithm update and animal name that Google has thrown at the internet. With no fallout.


Why we succeed, time and time again…

Everything we do is COMPLETELY, 100% WHITE HAT. We take no risks, period. We follow every word of Google’s rules, terms and conditions. NO shortcuts, NO cheating the system. We simply give Google what it wants. We take great pains to ensure that our clients sites are protected in every way.

Our goal is simple. Provide quality link building services that provide LASTING RESULTS!

At SEOHoist, it’s our business to keep up all of Google’s developments and updates. Our energy is focused on staying on top of what matters to Google. We place a high priority on building brand-visibility, site authority, and of course, the all-important social proof for all our clients.

Social sharing and engagement are more important than ever, and you can bet that Google monitors it for ranking!

We also help our clients ensure that their on-site content is compliant with Google’s rules and requirements. This is important because it’s too easy to get penalized by Google for things that site owners do on-site.

Why are we launching this WSO?

As I mentioned before, too many SEO companies are abusing clients with crappy, outdated service at ridiculously low prices. So I decided to beat them at their own game.




For starting at less than $2 a day, you can get quality, comprehensive SEO link-building service that DELIVERS.

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Start small with our basic service! Then work your way up our tier structure as your site, demands and budget increase. The more traffic you get, scale up with MORE money sites and keywords.

That means even MORE targeted traffic, and MORE PROFITS.


Here’s just some of what you get:


Note: All tier 1 links and high pr home page links are manually done.
The link building structure planned above is penguin safe.
Social signals include Google plus votes, Linkedin shares, Facebook shares, tweets and retweets.

Quality content for your links is CRITICAL!

We handle all the content needs for you.
All blog post content will be via our own private blog network. These blogs are VERY established, high quality, and well-aged. They all hold authority rankings, and Google LOVES them. What makes our service so special is that we have access to our own HIGH PR pages and sites.

Our HIGH QUALITY site/blog network have maintained high PR for YEARS. Google gives them high authority for their niches. This allows our clients to benefit from high PR for a fraction of what other SEO companies charge!

More information about our service:

Up to SIX keywords allowed per package, we will provide keyword diversity and generic anchors for you to place on your target pages!

All links are created slowly via our own special random “drip-feed” process to keep them looking natural

All content articles are quality-spun, up to 90+% unique for all Tier-1 and Tier-2 links. All content is posted only on closely-released niche sites or blogs to ensure relevance.

Each article posted on Tier-1 can support up to two links max, three links max for Tier-2

Strong emphasis on branding and establishing authorship with Google. This is VERY important these days, thanks to Google’s latest updates!

You get a monthly detailed report of all linking activity and rank tracking. NOTE: To protect your sites as well as our high-PR network and Google+ sharing, those need to be kept private to prevent abuse

100% white hat, full compliance with all Google’s rules, terms and conditions, are GUARANTEED!


These are NOT cheap, amateur, five-buck SEO services. Regardless of the low rates! We are committed to maintaining the quality that we are known for.

We DARE you to find any QUALITY SEO provider that offers this kind of value at these rates. Just try us! Let us SHOW YOU how we can get your sites ranked in as little as one to two weeks, depending on your keyword!

Aren’t you TIRED of seeing your site get killed in the Google rankings?

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Thanks, and we look forward to serving you!
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Matt –